Come See the Show! Where we perform…

  • Every Saturday night at midnight we perform at the Hollywood Blvd. theatre in Woodridge, IL.  The Hollywood is located at:

    1001 West 75th Street
    Corner of Lemont & 75th – just off of I-355
    Tickets: $8

    You won’t believe this place – it’s like seeing a movie at Planet Hollywood. It’s full of Hollywood memorabilia, themed auditoriums (the Wizard of Oz! Casablanca!), witha lobby that includes real pieces from Grauman’s Chinese theater, in addition to a full bar.

    Waitstaff bring you food and drinks during the show (one item minimum purchase).
    We perform in the Red Theater, an auditorium with classic movie posters, gold Chinese lions, and palm trees flanking the screen. Must be seen to be believed: Click Here for Photos!



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  1. Angie says:

    Please send the prices & show time for the Arcada on Saturday, 7/29. Trying to decide between there and the Hollywood on Saturday – What’s the price there? Is the show & participation the same? How much are the prop kits that you guys sell? bringing you a new generation of Rocky Freaks 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    It’s now Saturday so yu may have already gone to the Arcada but the cost of a ticket at Hollywood is only 8 bux, however the theatre does require you to buy at least one food or drink item, (bottle o water or a martini), (tub of popcorn, or full meal), it’s your choice. Show always starts at midnight. Bring all your friends, the more the merrier!

  3. Alice says:

    oh, and our Survival Kits are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00.

  4. In general, shows at the Arcada are a little looser; it’s a monthly show and the setup’s sometimes different, depending on what other acts the Arcada had that month. This can lead to additional entertainment for the audience as the cast reblocks the show based on a stage that’s a completely different shape from the previous month. The Arcada has a bar, but they don’t serve food during the show.

    The Arcada shows the DVD; the Hollywood still shows the film on film. Hollywood Blvd is a salute to old movie theaters; the Arcada *is* an old movie theater. And of course both theaters draw slightly different crowds. Which experience you prefer depends on what your own personal taste. We suggest trying both.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hello! I have never been to your show or your state before and I am planning on traveling from Nebraska to attend your show in October. I have a few questions. Would someone be so kind as to send me an email address? I am really looking forward to seeing your show and visiting Chicago for the first time!

  6. Sure! You can contact us at . Or you can just email Ruth, who maintains the website.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Chicagoland!

  7. Michelle says:

    Thanks! I know Ruth and Wally from when they performed in Nebraska. I was just watching your cast youtube videos. I can’t wait to see you guys live!

  8. aristotle says:

    I have a quick question? when do you do theme nights??

  9. John – pretty much a) when we feel like it, b) when there’s a holiday (V-Day, St. Pat’s, Christmas), or c) when there’s something going on that we think merits one (like our upcoming Superhero Night July 28 for the release of Dark Knight Returns). Theme nights are usually announced in advance, as we know they’re coming since we have to prep for them.

  10. Mike says:

    When do you perform @ Arcada? Is it the last Friday of the month? I just got home from the theatre and the lights were out and the doors locked.

  11. Mike, it was the last Friday of the month, but the January 2013 show was the last Rocky show at the Arcada.

  12. Maeve says:

    I’ve never seen the RHPS in a theatre before, and my prom group and I were considering trying to find a midnight showing. Our prom is the first of June.
    1. Would there be a showing that night? (It’s a Saturday)
    2. Would that showing be at the Hollywood Blvd. ?
    3. I’ve heard that you must be 18 years old to see the show in a theatre. Is this the case here?

  13. Hi, Maeve!

    Yes, we perform every Saturday at Hollywood Blvd. Rocky Horror is rated “R,” which means according to the MPAA: “R — Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian.” We’ve never seen anyone checking IDs, though.

    Hope to see you June 1! It’s always fun to see people in their prom finery.

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