Meet The Completely Crazy Cast



Name:  Ben
Joined:  May of 2000
Height:  5’9”
Main Character:  Riff Raff
Other Characters: Brad, MC

Billy, interrupted

Name: Billy Murphy
Nickname: Billy Boy
Joined: May 27, 2012 (my best guess)
Height : 6’5″ (and that’s not in his heels!)
Main Character: Brad
Other Characters: Frank

Name: Anthony Desmond
Nickname: Desmond
Joined: July 2014
Height: 5’11”
Main Character(s): Dr. Scott, Janet
Other Characters: Rocky, Trannie
Facebook: profile

Dylan, wearing considerably more clothes than usual

Dylan, wearing considerably more clothes than usual

Name: Dylan
Nickname: Kitty
Joined: May 10th, 2014
Height 5’11”
Main Character: Brad, Tranny
Facebook: profile


Name:  Jessie
Joined:  Late ’90s
Height:  We haven’t measured her recently.
Main Character: Department Head – Performers; Frank
Other Characters: Magenta, Janet. Jessie can sub in as nearly anyone but gets cranky if she has to play Janet or Columbia.


Name: Jianni
Nickname: None that we know of
Joined: September/October 2009. Left temporarily in April 2011. Returned January 2012
Height: 5’10″~ish
Main Character: Dr. Scott
Other Characters: Eddie

There's always room for Jello.

There’s always room for Jello.

Name: Jello
Nickname: Jello
Joined: October 2013
Main character: Magenta
Other characters: Columbia, Trannie/Lip dancer thing/Lighting
Facebook: profile

Name: Kirsten
Nickname: Baby
Joined: March 14th, 2015
Height: Too tall (sez her)
Main character: Janet
Other characters: Trannie
Facebook profile: profile

Name: Melanie
Nickname: Little Mel
Joined: March 2015
Height: 5 feet exactly 🙂
Main Character: Columbia
Other Characters: Tranny
Facebook: profile

Pinky takes a lick

Name: Jess
Nickname: Pinky
Joined: July 2013
Height :5’9″
Main Character: Trixie
Other characters: Rocky, Dr. Scott, Operator of Oswald, our Muppet Crim


Name: Jon
Nickname: Jonny, Jonboy
Joined: August 2013
Height: 6′
Main Character: Rocky Horror

RHPS Brad 2015
Name: Kamil
Nickname: Hot Guy
Joined: March 2015
Height: 6’3″
Main Character: Brad
Other Characters: Trannie
Facebook: profile

Name: Olivia
Height: 5’5″
Joined: April 13, 2014
Main character: Janet, Crim, Trannie

Name: Raegan
Nickname: kRaZyRaEgS or Rae
Joined: Mid- 2008 (left for a pinch but now I’m baaaccckk!)
Height: 5’6″
Main Character: Magenta
Other Characters: Columbia
Facebook: Yes, I have one. 🙂


Name:  Ron
Joined:  February of 2005
Height:  6’2”
Main Character:  Department Head – Merchandise; Eddie
Other Characters: Dr. Scott


Name:  Ruth
Joined:  December, 1997; left for a while, now I’m back
Height: Who Cares
Main Character:  Magenta
Other Characters: Trixie, MC (outshows), Webmaster, Photographer, Facebook slut profile

Sarah with the Face
Name: Sarah
Nickname: Face
Joined: September 14th 2013
Main character: Columbia
Other: Eddie, Trannie and Trixie


Name:  Wally
Nickname: Wally
Joined:  December, 1997
Height:  5’10”
Main Character:  Frank
Other Characters: Brad, Rocky, Trixie, whatever

The Crew:

Name: Chris
Nickname: Worley (or Whirly, sometimes our diction sucks)
Joined: September 14th 2013
Height: 5′ 8″
Main character: props

Name: Rollins
Nickname: PNKYLES, Frodo of the Nine Fingers
Joined: winter 2014
Height : 5’9″
Main Character: props bitch
Facebook: profile

Drew, who hates having his picture taken

Drew, who hates having his picture taken

Name: Drew
Nickname: Small but Mighty, Rumpelstiltskin, Keeper of the Flying Monkeys
Joined: We’re not sure.
Height: Not tall.
Main character: props


Name: Gina
Nickname: Hot Donna, Batgirl
Joined: 2010
Height: Tall enough to kick your butt
Main Character: Security
Facebook: profile

Name:  Jenn
Nickname: That awesome chick
Joined:  2002ish
Height:  Tall enough to ride
Main Character:  Personal Props and Costume Mistress
Other Characters: Janet, Dr. Scott, Eddie, Trixie, Trannie, Crim, Security or whatever else is needed
Facebook: Stalk me at profile


Rachel from Security in Trouble

Name: Rachel
Nickname: BiBe, Midget
Joined: July 2012
Height: Tall enough for the big kid rides
Department: Security
Facebook profile:


Tina at rest

Name: Tina
Nickname: Momma Tina
Joined: Sept 2012
Height: 5’8″
Department: Lights


Taylor, all ready to play with boobies!

Taylor, all ready to play with boobies!

Name: Taylor
Nickname: Legs
Joined: October 15, 2013
Height: too tall? (5’9″)
Main character: Rocky, Trannie
Facebook: profile

Name: Audrey
Nickname: I don’t have one…
Joined: Nov 2010
Height: 5’2″
Main Character: Janet, Eddie, Brad
Other Characters: Trixie, Trannie, Photographer
Facebook: profile



Name: Andrea
Nickname: We’re working on it.
Joined: May 2014
Height: 5’3″
Main Character: Columbia

Name: Charles
Nickname: Chaz
Joined: 2010
Height: Pretty tall
Main Character: Security
Other Characters: Brad, Rocky, Trixie

Luke as a blond
Name: Luke
Nickname: None
Joined: January, 2012
Height: 5′ 7″
Main Character: Rocky
Other Characters: Occasional lights

Name: Fred
Nickname: That is her nickname.
Joined: When cast was founded
Height: 5’6″
Main Character: Everything
Other Characters: Everything. (Ask her about her Jamie Lee Curtis.) But she hates doing Columbia. Fred is not perky. profile

Name: Andy T
Nickname: Lupus
Joined: when they let me
Height: 5’10”
Main Character: Crim
Other Characters: Trannie


Name:  Andrew
Nickname: Halper
Joined:  I think it was like…April or May of 2009
Height:  Tower of Hate
Main Character: Department Head – Security


Name: Kyle
Nickname: Vermillion
Joined: That fateful July evening in 2011
Height: Wuthering
Main Character: Crim
Other Characters: Trannie, Riff, John Waters
Facebook: profile
Myspace: Who uses that anymore?



Name: Maddie
Nickname:Lolli/Shy One/Cotton Candy/Little One
Joined: Sometime in like September 2011
Height: FUN SIZED! 5’3
Main Character: Lighting and Props; Trixie!
Facebook: profile
Myspace: Dont remember passwords lol profile


Name: Mary
Joined: December (18th / 19th) 2010
Height: 5′ 10″
Main Character: Magenta
Other Characters: Transylvanian, Props

Alice with Cow

Alice and Friend

Name: Alice
Nickname: Some call me Cast Mom, I like Ali T
Joined: April of 2010
Height: Is a troll tall?
Main Character: Lighting
Other Characters: Security


Name:  Lydia
Nickname: Lydia
Joined:  January 2011
Height:  5’1”
Main Character:  Janet
Other Characters: Transylvanian
Facebook: profile


Name:  Brian
Nickname: Pops
Joined:  April 2010
Height:  Bigger than a breadbox
Main Character: Props


Name:  Alyssa
Joined:  March of 2008
Height:  5’3”
Main Character: Lighting Dept Head
Other Characters: Janet

Mike - not causing trouble, honest

Mike – not causing trouble, honest

Name: Mike
Nickname: PD / Nixon
Joined: Like June 2012
Height: 5’10”
Main Character: Security


Allyssabitch – sparkly!

Name: Allyssa Barron
Nickname: Allyssa-Bitch, or Ally Cat
Joined: April 21st 2012
Height :5’3
Main Character: Tranny, Columbia, (lights & props on occasion)
Facebook: profile

Name: Adam S
Nickname: Aya / Stake
Joined: August 2011
Height: 6′ 0″
Main Character: Trannie (Imogen Claire)
Other Characters: Columbia
Facebook: profile


Name: Lizzie
Nickname: Busy Lizzie
Joined: December 2011
Height: 5’6″-5’7″
Main Character: Props
Other Characters: n/a
Facebook: profile

Name: Randy
Joined: January 2010
Height: 5’4″
Main Character: Rocky
Other Characters: Crim, Transylvanian


Name: Gus
Nickname: Gustafer
Joined: August of 2000
Height: 6′
Main Character: Dr. Scott
Other Characters: Riff Raff, Brad, Rocky, Transylvanian, Criminologist, Lighting

Name: Amber S
Joined: Aug 2009
Height: 5’7”
Main Character: Frank
Other Characters: Transylvanian / Trixie
Facebook: profile
MySpace: profile


Name:  Cody
Joined:  April 2011
Height:  6’0”
Main Character:  Props
Other Characters: Lights
Facebook: profile


Name:  Michelle
Nickname: Michie
Joined:  ~ Sept 2010
Height: 4’10.5″
Main Character:  Security
Other Characters: Lights at Arcada


Name:  Lena
Nickname: Jiggles
Joined:  April 2011
Height: 5’5″
Main Character:  Props
Other Characters: Lights


Name:  Jacque
Nickname: Jacques
Joined:  March 2012
Height: Fun-sized
Main Character: Security
Other Characters: Whatever else is needed


Name:  Chris
Nickname: Otto
Joined:  July 2011
Height:  5’11”
Main Character:  Props
Other Characters:


Name:  Scott
Nickname: Scooter
Joined:  November 1st of 2004; left, returned spring of 2012
Height:  6′
Main Character:  Transylvanian
Other Characters: Rocky, Brad, Frank, Security

Name:  Colleen
Nickname: Ginger
Joined:  May 2012
Height:  5’7″
Main Character: Transylvanian
Facebook: profile


Name: Eddie
Nickname: 2fer
Joined: Sometime before Valentines day, 2011
Height: 0.007196 Furlongs
Main Character: Riff-Raff
Other Characters: Transyvlanian. Brad once; starting on Rocky


Name: Colleen
Nickname: Hiccup
Joined: Christmas 2011
Height: 5’6″
Main Character: Trannie
Other Characters:


Name:  Barry
Nickname: Well, I think commonly I’m called a fucking asshole.
Joined:  1997
Height:  6’4”
Main Character: Department Head – Tech; MC; Eddie (Meat Loaf)
Other Characters: Criminologist, Dr. Scott, Riff Raff
Facebook: profile
MySpace:  profile profile

Name:  Courtney
Joined:  Sept. 2009
Height:  5’5″
Main Character: Lighting
Other Characters: Security


Name:  Dana
Nickname: Zuul
Joined:  November 2007-April 2010/ May 2011
Height:  5’6”
Main Character:  Security


Name: Drew Parrotte
Nickname: Drewatello
Joined: June, 2000
Height: 5’7”
Main Character: Department Head – Lighting, Current Webmaster Host
Email: drew (dot) parrotte (at) gmail (dot) com

Name: Francesca
Nickname: Francci
Joined: 2008
Height: 5’5″
Main Character: Janet
Other Characters: Trannie


Name:  Sam
Nickname: Cyn
Joined:  January of 2006
Height:  5’4”
Main Character:  Columbia
Other Characters: Transylvanian


Name: Matthew
Nickname: Skinny, Matt
Joined: Oct ’09
Height: 5′ 10″
Main Character: Brad
Other Characters: Transylvanian
Facebook: profile


Name:  Joey
Nickname: Joey
Joined:  April of 2007
Height:  5’8”
Main Character:  Security


Name: Eeevee
Nickname: Eevee!
Joined: July 9 2011
Height: 5’2”
Main Character: Transylvanian
Other Characters:
Facebook: profile


Name:  Hilary
Joined:  October of 2007
Height:  5’7”
Main Character:  Janet
Other Characters: Transylvanian


Name:  Rob
Nickname:  Weirz
Joined:  October of 2000
Height:  6′
Main Character:


Name:  Jared
Nickname: Subway
Joined:  January of 2006
Height:  5’5”
Main Character:  Department Head – Transylvanians; Criminologist
Other Characters: Transylvanian, Magenta


Name:  Jackie
Joined:  Sometime in 2007
Height:  5’3”
Main Character:  Janet


Name:  Linda
Nickname: Angry Little Mexican
Joined:  October of 2000
Height:  5′
Main Character: Props


Name:  Jordan
Nickname: The Guy
Joined:  February of 2008
Height:  6’6”
Main Character:  Security


Name:  Zach
Joined:  Sometime in 2006
Height:  6′
Main Character:  Brad

19 Responses to Meet The Completely Crazy Cast

  1. audrey besenhofer says:

    do you get thing to throw like in 1970

  2. hilary says:

    yes you get thing to throw audrey… but the movie wasn’t made until 1975 and midnight showings with shadow casts didn’t start until a few years after that

  3. Ruth says:

    Yes, we sell prop kits. Though you probably weren’t throwing them in 1970; the film debuted in 1975…

  4. Joe Brayfield says:

    I am intrested in joining your AWESOME TEAM please tell if it is possible N if so How can I join?????

  5. Hi, Joe! (Sorry, didn’t see your comment.) Just come to the show and pick up an application. Turn it in, we ask you a bunch of silly questions, and we go from there.

  6. Josh (Yoshi) says:

    Actually miss seeing a good cast do this every week! Even if I was only doing lights

  7. Awww. We miss you…

  8. Amanda (Pixie) says:

    Man I wish I could join….. you are all amazing!!! I heart you all!

  9. Thanks, Amanda!

    We’re pretty much full up now, but you can get an application after the show; something will come open eventually. We <3 you too.

  10. Mike says:

    What gives, its the last Friday in March, I went to the Arcada and all the lights were out. According to metro mix the calendar said there was a show tonite. Or did I read it wrong?

  11. Mike, you’re fine – and we updated MetroMix. The Arcada doesn’t show Rocky Horror any more. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  12. Brian Calcifer says:

    Loved, loved, LOVED the Show tonight! Great performance, and fun as all hell! Keep up the good work!!

  13. Thanks, Brian! Glad you had a good time. We love what we do!

  14. Amanda Cullinane says:

    I’m super excited to come see a performance when I’m in town next month. It will be my first time in a big theatre. I usually only get to see rocky once a year at the Joyo in Lincoln, Nebraska! Can’t wait, see you guys in July!!!!

  15. Hurray! We’ll be very happy to see you; please introduce yourself to the cast so we can say hi.
    Do check out the Museum by the Red theater where we perform – some amazing stuff there.

  16. Robert Lippi says:

    Hello, I am here in PA and i was checking out your site and love it. I wish you guys were closer so I could come and see you. We did have a local Community Theater do Rocky Horror and I was able to get down in front and even though I did not dress, I did bring a pair of glittery Steve Madden heels with nice hard thick heels and 1 inch plat soles and had them on when Frank N Furter came out. I was able in my seat to do the load stomps with a couple tap dance heel drops and it was fun. Speaking of tap, have you ever had any males dress as Columbia?/ That would be fun.

  17. Hi, Robert! Sorry we are so far away, but there are also some cool casts in PA – you can check out and use their interactive map to find a cast near you! We love Steve Madden heels. And yes, our primary Columbia for a while had XY chromosomes and rocked it.

  18. Robert Lippi says:

    Hi Guys. Wally looks great and wears such hot looking heels. I see he wears mainly clunky high heel sandals and in one pic wore a pair of high heel boots. He must have a foot size that he can find shoes in stores. I wear a women’s size 11 and have the Steve Madden heels which I found in DSW and also CApezio Character heels in silver that I tap dance in. I have seen casts here in PA, but I think I would fit right in with you guys.

  19. Glad you like them! Wally wears a women’s 11 too.

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