Meet The Completely Crazy Cast

About Completely Crazy

As you may have seen in our history, Completely Crazy has been around, in one form or another, for over 25 years, which means we have a LOT of Alumni, and we want to recognize them all!   On the following pages, you’ll be able to check out each member of our family – both past and present – and get to know a little more about them (hopefully)!

Note: The page is still undergoing updates as we gather photos and information from our archives for the update, but please let us know if there’s anyone in particular we’ve overlooked, or that you’d like to know more about!

We’re always interested in adding new members to the family, as well!  All you need is a passion for the show, and a willingness to contribute to the cast and the greater Rocky Horror Community!  We rarely turn down interested parties, though we do ask that you’ve attended at least a few of our shows before you join.   Please ask someone about getting a cast application, and who knows?!  Perhaps soon YOU’LL have your own listing here, and promotions on our many social media pages!

Meet Our Performing Cast!

Without our amazing performance cast, Rocky Horror would be just another movie, so let’s give them all a round of applause (or a standing ovation.  Go ahead.  No one is peeping in your window, after all…)!

Meet The Crew – Security, Props, and Lighting!

The glue that keeps it all together.  You might (read: You WILL) meet Security at the door, but for the rest of the night, we hope you won’t notice them (too much).  But they’re not here for your recognition and applause (at least, not during the show).  They’re here to make sure the show goes off smoothly and safely, and that you have the best experience possible during your show!

19 thoughts to “Meet The Completely Crazy Cast”

  1. Loved, loved, LOVED the Show tonight! Great performance, and fun as all hell! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I’m super excited to come see a performance when I’m in town next month. It will be my first time in a big theatre. I usually only get to see rocky once a year at the Joyo in Lincoln, Nebraska! Can’t wait, see you guys in July!!!!

  3. Hurray! We’ll be very happy to see you; please introduce yourself to the cast so we can say hi.
    Do check out the Museum by the Red theater where we perform – some amazing stuff there.

  4. Hello, I am here in PA and i was checking out your site and love it. I wish you guys were closer so I could come and see you. We did have a local Community Theater do Rocky Horror and I was able to get down in front and even though I did not dress, I did bring a pair of glittery Steve Madden heels with nice hard thick heels and 1 inch plat soles and had them on when Frank N Furter came out. I was able in my seat to do the load stomps with a couple tap dance heel drops and it was fun. Speaking of tap, have you ever had any males dress as Columbia?/ That would be fun.

  5. Hi Guys. Wally looks great and wears such hot looking heels. I see he wears mainly clunky high heel sandals and in one pic wore a pair of high heel boots. He must have a foot size that he can find shoes in stores. I wear a women’s size 11 and have the Steve Madden heels which I found in DSW and also CApezio Character heels in silver that I tap dance in. I have seen casts here in PA, but I think I would fit right in with you guys.

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