Freaks in Fishnets Against Domestic Violence!

Heroes for Hope Kickline!
We’re proud to announce that we are walking in the Heroes for Hope charity 5K for the 5th year to raise money for Family Shelter Service. We have raised over $20,000 for FSS in the last 5 years and we are collecting money at the show, so please bring a little extra when you come see us. No donation too big or too small – we will happily take your pocket change; we’re not proud.
The big walk is Oct. 30 at Midwestern University, and we’ll be rocking our corsets at 8am right after our big Halloween show – wait’ll they get a load of us!

We are teaming up this year with Indiana cast Help Me Mommy, and we have donations from as far away as Israel, Japan, France and Germany! You can support us with a credit card donation here:
Thank you for your support – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUCKS!

Trixie in sneakers

Climbing Stairs to Fight Lung Cancer

Getting ready to climb Oakbrook Terrace Tower
Getting ready to climb Oakbrook Terrace Tower

Thank you to our audience and other supporters for a very successful Fight for Air stair climb to fight lung cancer on Feb 8! Our 6 person team all finished, and with your help we raised $1350 for the American Lung Association.

We were featured in the Chicago Tribune on-line and our photos from the event were shared by Lady Patricia Stephens (Pat Quinn, who played Magenta!) on her Facebook page.

We’re now the #1 Google result for both “Rocky Horror” + Charity and for “Rocky Horror” + “Fight for Air” and we’re so proud.

Love to you all – cancer sucks!

Heroes for Hope (in fishnets!) Please help us beat the Girl Scouts!

We’re walking 5K in our Rocky Horror costumes for local domestic violence shelter Family Shelter Services on Sept. 28. We need your help – our goal is $4711! (Want to know why? Take a good look at Frank’s leg when you come see the show Saturday.)

Please bring a little extra cash to the show – we will be collecting for the charity. Every little bit helps, and we love you for it. The shelter is just down the street from our theater. They help thousands of people in our community, and even $5 will fund a child’s breakfast in the shelter. (And we really, really want to be the Girl Scouts team.)
Frank in sneakers

(Couldn’t give at the show? You can donate on-line right here: click on

Starting off 2014 with a high kick, and a charity stair climb!

Happy 2014! Hope yours is successful and full of joy and a lot of fun. We’ll be putting on a hell of a show every Saturday; come join us!

As part of our 2014 activities, we’re participating in the Feb. 9 Fight for Air stair climb – scaling the Western Suburbs’ tallest building, the Oakbrook Terrace Tower (31 flights of stairs!) in our Rocky costumes. The firefighters in full gear beat our time last year, but we think we look better in stockings. (If you’re a firefighter and you can prove otherwise, please PLEASE send us the photos!) Proceeds benefit the American Lung Association.

The walkers - we had two finish in the top 400!
The climbers from 2013 – we had two finish in the top 400!

Seriously, it seems like half the crowd at Rocky smokes, and frankly, so does half the cast. We’ll need the American Lung Association someday, so please give generously at the show. You can also donate here:


We <3 our Rocky family! With your help, we've raised $2600 so far against domestic violence!

So far, Completely Crazy is the top fundraising team in the “Heroes for Hope” costumed 5K walk against domestic violence – AND the top four fundraisers are all from our team too! (Check out Frank N Furter’s page at – this is where we record all the cash donations that go to the cast as a whole.) Take that, Girl Scouts!

We’ve done this because of you, our Rocky Horror audience, and because of support from our Rocky Horror family – local casts from Milwaukee, Indiana, Chicago, DeKalb and Michigan, and fans from California to Rhode Island, even the UK and Australia, have come together to show that Rocky Horror people are amazing, raising more than $2600 so far with five weeks to go! We are $700 from breaking our record of $3310 raised last year, and more than halfway to our goal of $4711. Makes you proud to slut around in your fishnets, doesn’t it?

We're gonna climb this.

Climbing 31 flights of stairs in fishnets for charity Feb 10! Please donate.

You know that weird skyscraper that sits all by itself over in Oakbrook Terrace?

We're gonna climb this.
Holy #$%^!, we’re gonna climb this?

You’d have to be completely crazy to climb the stairs in that thing.
So members of the cast will be doing exactly that on Feb 10 to raise money for the American Lung Association. In costume of course! We may even have one of our Security team with us, so we’re secure when we collapse on the Nth floor of the 31 flights of stairs.

Climb2013logoPlease donate here:
or you can give us a donation at the show (we won’t be shy about asking). The American Lung Association in Greater Chicago is part of the ALA of the Upper Midwest, who get four stars from the folks at Charity Navigator, so you know they’re good.

Lung cancer blows. Help us fight for air!