It’s Halloween Season – Plan ahead to guarantee your spot!

We love Halloween. I mean really LOOOVE Halloween.

So do lots of other people, including people for whom Rocky Horror is a once a year treat. So please remember to buy your tickets for our October shows in advance, or at least show up early (any time after 10:30 PM) to buy your ticket (and show off your awesome outfit in the lobby – you are wearing an awesome outfit, right?).

Every year some of our regulars forget and then can’t get tickets to our Halloween show – don’t let this happen to you!


Domestic violence sucks. Please help us fight it!

This is Alexander. He’s a cat, but he’s donated for the last 3 years to the Heroes for Hope 5K against domestic violence!

Alexander, proud donor to Heroes for Hope!
Alexander, proud donor to Heroes for Hope!

We’d like to thank Alexander, and thank the rest of our friends who’ve donated more than $500 so far to fight domestic violence. We are 10% of the way to our goal of $4711!
You can help too: please give at Tell us Alexander sent you!

Halloween tonight in St. Charles – Genitorturers Concert at 8, Rocky at 11(ish)!

Oct 31 Arcada - Concert 8pm, Rocky 11pm
Oct 31: 8pm HOTT Halloween Ball with the Genitorturers, then Rocky with Completely Crazy!

Don’t miss tonight’s Halloween show at the Arcada in St. Charles – concert starts at 8pm, then the same ticket gets you in to Rocky Horror! Advance tickets $15 – $19 at the door.

Trixie- Randy
Brad- Tifani, from Hobart, IN cast Help me Mommy
Janet- Audrey
Riff & Mags- Ben & Ruth
Col & Eddie – Allyssabitch & Ron
Frank & Rocky – Wally & Luke
Dr. Scott- Jianni
Crim- Kyle