Domestic violence sucks. Please help us fight it!

This is Alexander. He’s a cat, but he’s donated for the last 3 years to the Heroes for Hope 5K against domestic violence!

Alexander, proud donor to Heroes for Hope!
Alexander, proud donor to Heroes for Hope!

We’d like to thank Alexander, and thank the rest of our friends who’ve donated more than $500 so far to fight domestic violence. We are 10% of the way to our goal of $4711!
You can help too: please give at Tell us Alexander sent you!

Fighting domestic violence with the power of Rocky Horror!

It’s 2 days until the Heroes for Hope charity 5K, and with the help of the Rocky Horror community (and our families and friends – hi, Mom!) we have raised nearly $4500 to fight domestic violence. Rocky Horror plays in 32 states in the US – we have donations from 29 of them!

When we wake up Sunday morning to put on our makeup, pull on our fishnets and lace up our shoes, we believe we’ll have $4711 to hand to the fine folks at Family Shelter Service. Thanks to all of you for your help!

If you’d like to donate and you haven’t yet (calling our friends from New Mexico, South Carolina and Tennessee!), you can at

Next week is October and we’ll be getting ready for Halloween.

The team puts on our sneakers.
The team puts on our sneakers.

First, we’d like to thank all of our friends from:

Washington DC
North Carolina
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia

Taiwan – Scotland – Australia – and Germany!

Heroes for Hope (in fishnets!) Please help us beat the Girl Scouts!

We’re walking 5K in our Rocky Horror costumes for local domestic violence shelter Family Shelter Services on Sept. 28. We need your help – our goal is $4711! (Want to know why? Take a good look at Frank’s leg when you come see the show Saturday.)

Please bring a little extra cash to the show – we will be collecting for the charity. Every little bit helps, and we love you for it. The shelter is just down the street from our theater. They help thousands of people in our community, and even $5 will fund a child’s breakfast in the shelter. (And we really, really want to be the Girl Scouts team.)
Frank in sneakers

(Couldn’t give at the show? You can donate on-line right here: click on


Or at least we hear they will on Saturday, Oct 12, at Hollywood Blvd!

Come see us – we’ve heard your brains are delicious!

In other news, THIS:
Google “Rocky Horror” + Charity.
Look at the top two results – we’ve been in the #1 or #2 spot for 2 weeks now! $3600 plus raised so far, with 3 weeks to go! Please help us reach $4711 by donating at the show or here: . We’ll post lots of pictures of us walking 5K in our Rocky costumes for YOU, our fabulous audience, and for local women’s shelter Family Shelter Service!

We <3 our Rocky family! With your help, we've raised $2600 so far against domestic violence!

So far, Completely Crazy is the top fundraising team in the “Heroes for Hope” costumed 5K walk against domestic violence – AND the top four fundraisers are all from our team too! (Check out Frank N Furter’s page at – this is where we record all the cash donations that go to the cast as a whole.) Take that, Girl Scouts!

We’ve done this because of you, our Rocky Horror audience, and because of support from our Rocky Horror family – local casts from Milwaukee, Indiana, Chicago, DeKalb and Michigan, and fans from California to Rhode Island, even the UK and Australia, have come together to show that Rocky Horror people are amazing, raising more than $2600 so far with five weeks to go! We are $700 from breaking our record of $3310 raised last year, and more than halfway to our goal of $4711. Makes you proud to slut around in your fishnets, doesn’t it?

Oct 20 casting – and the final push for Sunday’s Run For Her Life charity walk!

DSC 0600p - Oct 20 casting - and the final push for Sunday's Run For Her Life charity walk!

Remember to get to the Hollywood Blvd early this Saturday (or buy your ticket in advance) – the show will probably sell out!

This Sunday, we’re doing the 5K walk for the Run For Her Life to raise money for Family Shelter Service – we’ve raised $2100+ and need to get to $2500. Please help by donating at our fundraising page if you can. Bring your pennies to the show (last collection this Saturday!) and tell your Mom she should donate too – we did!

Here’s the casting for Saturday. Word is there may be a preshow too…see you there!
Trixie . . . . Ruth
Brad . . . . Randy
Janet . . . . Audrey
Criminologist . . . . Kyle
Riff-Raff . . . . Ben
Magenta . . . . Jessie
Columbia . . . . Colleen
Frank ‘n’ Furter . . . . Wally
Rocky . . . . Fred
Eddie . . . . Gus
Dr. Scott . . . . Ron

Upcoming Events: a Crapload of Shows! 5K Fundraising walk update!

SAM 2221p - Upcoming Events: a Crapload of Shows!  5K Fundraising walk update!

October, we love you! We nearly sold out tonight (200+ people!), and on October 27 at Hollywood Blvd, as part of our big Halloween blowout we will have TWO theaters with casts performing the film simultaneously! Warm up for that with Rocky at the Arcada in St. Charles Friday, Oct. 26…then come back for more on Oct. 31, where Rocky Horror will cap the Arcada’s big Halloween party (the Genitorturers will be there!).

Oct. 21, next Sunday, we will be raising awareness of Rocky Horror and raising money for Family Shelter Service by walking 5K in costume after putting on another kickass October show for you – thank you to our amazing, wonderful, we-love-you audience for contributing $140+ at the show. We’re gonna try to break $2000 raised- please help by donating on-line at our fundraising page if you can. $2, $5, whatever you can. Thanks!

Fundraising update against domestic violence. To our audience: YOU ROCK!

424006 10150611000644892 710529891 9187783 797860745 n - Fundraising update against domestic violence.  To our audience: YOU ROCK!

Have we told you lately that we love you?

When our audience at Hollywood Blvd. raised $91 last week for Family Shelter Service, including $50 from one very generous (if slightly embarrassed) gentleman, we were impressed.
So we asked you to beat that total this week. And did you. You guys donated more than $123 to the cause on Saturday. And we know most of you are poor-ass broke, so we are doubly grateful.
We will sweat our asses off for you as we strut through Downers Grove in our fishnets on Oct. 21 at the Run For Her Life 5K fundraiser. By then we expect to have raised $1000 to support Family Shelter Service’s work in our area – thanks to you. We love you!