Rocky Horror Worldwide

While we want you to come see us every weekend (and why wouldn’t you?), there’s a much bigger Rocky Horror Community, beyond the borders of Woodridge, Illinois!   Check out some of our favorite casts across the country (or the world) if you’re traveling!  You might even see a familiar face, since we often have guest performers (or guest perform ourselves) while we’re on “vacation”!


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Irrational Masters – Performing monthly shows from August through May each year in DeKalb, at the Egyptian Theatre!

Midnight Madness – Performing once a month at the historic Music Box theater in Chicago!



Help Me Mommy – Performing weekly at the Art Theatre in Hobart, Indiana, many of their cast members have guest performed on our stage, and vice versa!



The Rich Weirdoes – A bi-monthly performance in Orlando!  A good break from the innocent wonder of Disney World if you’re on vacation, and also the current home of one of our original cast founders, Fred!


New Jersey:

Friday Nite Specials – A weekly cast based out of Aberdeen, New Jersey, the Friday Nite Specials are something to see!  We recently were delighted to host Mollie Pancer, a member of their cast, at our own theater in Woodridge!



Los Bastardos – Located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.