8-30-08 – Performance Schedule

Here is our regular performace schedule.  I’ve got nothing else to say right now.  Sorry.

Trixie – Alyssa *
Brad – Gus
Janet – Hilary *
Criminologist – Barry
Riff-Raff – Ben
Magenta – Jared
Columbia – Mandi
Frank – Jessie
Rocky – Scott
Eddie – Ron
Dr. Scott – Ed

* Character Probation

Nudist Colony – 8-29-08

Hey audience members.  This friday (yes tomorrow, sorry for being late), we will be performing at a Nudist Colony in Indiana.  I don’t know the exact address but if you would like it, create an account and post a comment.  I will get back to you right away with the address for it.  We have done this once before and it was an awesome experience [from what I was told, I (Drew) wasn’t old enough to attend at the time].  Here is the performance lineup:

Trixie – Gus
Brad – Guest Performer
Janet – Fred
Criminologist – Jared
Riff-Raff – Ben
Magenta – Ruth
Columbia – Guest Performer
Frank – Wally
Rocky – Guest Performer
Eddie – Ron
Dr. Scott – Ed
Trannies – Gus, Scott, Alyssa

Egyptian Theatre Performance!

Hey Rocky Horror audience members, the Completely Crazy cast will be performing at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb on Friday, October 10th. Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 9. Admission is $10.  Props kits might be available for purchase.  Things that CANNOT be brought in are:

  • lighters
  • candles or flames of any kind
  • large water guns
  • toast
  • hot dogs
  • prunes

Address and a link to a map is below.

135 N. Second St.
DeKalb, IL 60115