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Charity Work and Stuff We’re Proud Of

Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien said it best: Rocky Horror “is a guaranteed party every Saturday night.” We’re happy to be a place where people can let their freak flag fly. Want to dress in stockings and a corset? Wear a fursuit? Wear a leash? We won’t judge; we’ll offer fashion tips!  We’re proud to be a place that accepts people no matter who they are.

We believe in giving back to our community – both internally in the Rocky Horror community worldwide, and to our many of our local charities and other causes!  For decades, Completely Crazy were active participants in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade, building our own floats and/or cheering others on from the sidelines.

Since 2012, with the help of our audience and the greater Rocky Horror community, we have raised over $25,000 for local domestic violence shelter Family Shelter Services (we’re shooting to break $30,000 this year)!

Since 2013 we have raised more than $4,000 in the Fight For Air stair climb event for the American Lung Association (top company team).

Other charity work has included supporting anti-AIDS charities and collections for charities including: the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics; Paws for Purple Hearts; Hope’s Front Door; Earth Day; and no-kill animal shelter Catnap from the Heart.

We like having a good time, making sure others can have a good time, and reminding people that self-proclaimed freaks in fishnets can help make the world a better place – When’s the last time you saw Dr. Frank’N’Furter strut 5K, or Eddie sprint up 31 flights of stairs?!

Current Causes:

2017 “Free To Fly” 5K Walk/Run & 10K Run – On October 29th, 2017, we will once again be participating in the 5K Walk/Run to help victims of Domestic Violence on behalf of Family Shelter Service!  Our goal, as always, is a paltry $4,711.00, but like most years, we are hoping to exceed that goal, and reach more than $30,000 cumulatively for this important work!   You can find the team page here, so please take a moment and help us raise money to support this cause!

Previous Causes:

2016 “Heroes For Hope”5K Walk/Run 

2015 “Heroes For Hope”5K Walk/Run

2014 “Heroes For Hope” 5K Walk/Run

2013 “Heroes For Hope” 5K Walk/Run

2012 “Heroes For Hope” 5K Walk/Run


Community Collections:

The Center on Halsted (Midwest’s largest LGBT Community Center)

Hope’s Front Door

Paws For Purple Hearts

DuPage Convalescent Center

Catnap From The Heart (No-Kill Animal Shelter)


2 thoughts to “Charity Work and Stuff We’re Proud Of”

  1. I have a couple of suggestions for some fund raising for Charity. Why not have a hundred yard dash for guys wearing high heels? That has been done a couple of times in this area and it was fun. Also WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES is a big event were guys get to wear red 4 inch heeled pumps or other high heels and pay to walk in them to raise money for that particular charity. I took part in a walk with my heels and then following the walk, i asked the organizer of the event if I could put on a pair of red 2 1/2 heeled tap shoes and put a coffee can on the floor and if people wanted to see me tap dance in the heels, they would have to put money in the can and they did. I did some combinations and timesteps and raised a little more money. You have some male “Columbias” so it why not suggest it to them. They could put a piece of plywood on the ground and have something to hold the money and have them tap for donations. I think these would be fun ideas to raise money.

  2. Robert, interesting ideas! We haven’t found a “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” near us (though we did go to last year’s Chicago Slutwalk – no charity involved, but boy were we wearing heels!). Our current Columbia roster are all female, but I’m sure they’d be willing to help the boys out.

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