Rocky Horror with CC Logo 727x410 - This is Halloween, This is Halloween...

This is Halloween, This is Halloween…

“Hey, Frank!  When’s the orgy, and who’s invited?!”

Saturday Night, My Unconventional Conventionists, is Completely Crazy’s annual Halloween Show!  Okay, sure, it’s not actually an orgy (unfortunately), but it will be one hell of a good time!

First – we’re hosting a costume contest during announcements!  The top ten costumes (as judged during entry, so look your best) will be invited on to our stage, and fantastic prizes will be offered to the winners!  Be sure to look your best when you get there, so you have the opportunity to be a part of this event!

Second – It is Halloween, and we always sell out, so make sure to get your tickets early if you want to attend!   Advance tickets are available now at the Hollywood Boulevard website!   Though the time is listed at 11:55pm on the site, be sure to arrive early, and get a drink or two at the full bar in the lobby before the show – we always look better when you’ve got a drink (or six) in you!

The lobby (featuring a full service bar and food menu) opens at 11:00pm.  Theater opens at 11:40pm for all your early seating & pre-show fun.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond here, message us, or visit our Facebook page – we look forward to making your Halloween Rocky Horror experience a once-in-a-lifetime event!

We’ll see you Saturday!!


Completely Crazy

Completely Crazy has been Time Warping in Chicagoland since 1990, which is longer than several of the current cast members have been alive. We perform Rocky Horror every Saturday in the beautiful Chinese-themed red theater at the Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge. Cast members have won costume awards and performed at national Rocky Horror conventions, performed at the Fox television premiere, and are featured in the documentary on the Rocky Horror Blu-Ray.

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