The fishnets are #FreeToFly, as we raise money to battle Domestic Violence!

Our #FreeToFly (Formerly Heroes For Hope) 5K Charity page is live, and you can find it here!

Each year, we raise money to help Family Shelter Services in their efforts to bring help to victims of Domestic Violence!  Please visit our page, and contribute anything you can to help those who truly need your support!  Our goal, as always, is a whopping $4,711.00, but we’ve exceeded that before – help us do it again!

Special Thanks to team members Audrey Fontaine, Ruth Fink-Winter, Jess Henry, and Brian Banks for bringing the first round of donations to the table, but you, too, can help!  If you’re a member of the cast, sign up to participate and help support this great cause!  If you’re an audience member, please feel free to donate, either at the above link, or at one of our shows (Pssst…we do them every Saturday night)!

Thanks to all of those who have already donated!

To motivate you, here’s a shot of our very own Jess Henry (aka “Pinky”), kicking ass for the cause last year!!!


Run, Pinky, Run!
Jess Henry (aka “Pinky”) running the “Heroes For Hope” 5K in 2016, to raise money to assist Family Shelter Services in their efforts against Domestic Violence!

Completely Crazy

Completely Crazy has been Time Warping in Chicagoland since 1990, which is longer than several of the current cast members have been alive. We perform Rocky Horror every Saturday in the beautiful Chinese-themed red theater at the Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge. Cast members have won costume awards and performed at national Rocky Horror conventions, performed at the Fox television premiere, and are featured in the documentary on the Rocky Horror Blu-Ray.

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