It’s spring!

We love spring!
* The weather’s nice again, so you can wear a corset to the show without freezing to death.
* People visit after prom, which leads to awesome photo opps.
* It means our summer student friends are coming back soon!

So pull on those stockings and join us – it’s warm and we’re feeling frisky!
DSC 0027p 219x300 - It's spring!

Completely Crazy

Completely Crazy has been Time Warping in Chicagoland since 1990, which is longer than several of the current cast members have been alive. We perform Rocky Horror every Saturday in the beautiful Chinese-themed red theater at the Hollywood Blvd in Woodridge. Cast members have won costume awards and performed at national Rocky Horror conventions, performed at the Fox television premiere, and are featured in the documentary on the Rocky Horror Blu-Ray.

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