We want YOU!

We have holes to fill and we are looking for new members!
Um, that came out all wrong…

We are casting! We have spots for performers, and also for crew (no blocking to learn or costumes to assemble) and security (get most of your work done before the show). Enjoy running around in your underwear? Or perhaps you like lighting people in their underwear? If YOU have what it takes to be a cast member, please ask Jessie or Ruth for an application at the show! (No axe murderers or divas please.) All positions volunteer but cast gets in free and gets free soft drinks. See Ruth or Jessie for an application after the show.

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It’s spring!

We love spring!
* The weather’s nice again, so you can wear a corset to the show without freezing to death.
* People visit after prom, which leads to awesome photo opps.
* It means our summer student friends are coming back soon!

So pull on those stockings and join us – it’s warm and we’re feeling frisky!

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See us Dec. 3, Dec. 10, or wait for 2017!


It’s December, and since Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are both Saturdays, Hollywood Blvd won’t be showing Rocky Horror Dec. 24 or Dec. 31. Also, for the second year in a row, a Star Wars movie is premiering in December (Rogue One – perhaps you’ve heard of it?), so there is no show Dec. 17 either.

So come see us Dec. 3 or Dec. 10…or you’ll have to catch our triumphant return in 2017!

Completely Crazy

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5K for Charity: Accomplished! Halloween: Accomplished!

Thanks to our friends and fans who helped us raise more than $5500 for charity Family Shelter Service at this year’s 5K walk! We were proud to walk with members of Indiana cast Help Me Mommy as Team Rocky Horror.

Halloween was AWESOME. But it’s Halloween, so duh. We love it, and we’re mostly recovered – see you at the show!

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Freaks in Fishnets Against Domestic Violence!

Heroes for Hope Kickline!
We’re proud to announce that we are walking in the Heroes for Hope charity 5K for the 5th year to raise money for Family Shelter Service. We have raised over $20,000 for FSS in the last 5 years and we are collecting money at the show, so please bring a little extra when you come see us. No donation too big or too small – we will happily take your pocket change; we’re not proud.
The big walk is Oct. 30 at Midwestern University, and we’ll be rocking our corsets at 8am right after our big Halloween show – wait’ll they get a load of us!

We are teaming up this year with Indiana cast Help Me Mommy, and we have donations from as far away as Israel, Japan, France and Germany! You can support us with a credit card donation here:
Thank you for your support – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUCKS!

Trixie in sneakers

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Solidarity with Orlando

We are so sad about the shooting at the Pulse in Orlando.

We’d like to thank our audience for helping us raise $186 to go to The Center on Halsted so we can do a little something for the local LGBTQ community. These are our people and we can’t imagine losing our safe space the way people did in Orlando.

Our awesome audience raised $150 for The Center on Halsted  - we kicked in half of all prop kit sales from 6/18 as well.

Our awesome audience raised $150 for The Center on Halsted – we kicked in half of all prop kit sales from 6/18 as well.

Completely Crazy

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Taking a STAR WARS break until 2016 – see you Jan 2!


Instead of showing Rocky Horror, Hollywood Blvd is showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the last two weekends of 2015. So come see us Jan. 2 and we’ll help you break all your New Year’s resolutions.

See you then!

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It’s Halloween Season – Plan ahead to guarantee your spot!

We love Halloween. I mean really LOOOVE Halloween.

So do lots of other people, including people for whom Rocky Horror is a once a year treat. So please remember to buy your tickets for our October shows in advance, or at least show up early (any time after 10:30 PM) to buy your ticket (and show off your awesome outfit in the lobby – you are wearing an awesome outfit, right?).

Every year some of our regulars forget and then can’t get tickets to our Halloween show – don’t let this happen to you!


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Rocky Horror People Rock! $4711 – Goal Accomplished!


We love our Rocky Horror friends and family – for the third year in a row, you’ve helped us raise $4711 to fight domestic violence! We are on target to raise $5,000 this year, which means in the last 4 years your total donations to domestic violence shelter Family Shelter Service are $19,000.

Rocky Horror people are awesome! THANK YOU!!

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No show Oct. 3! (Rocky Horror Postponed due to Wedding)

Two of our cast members, Ben and Jessie, are getting married, with festivities this weekend! So there is no show this Saturday, Oct. 3.

Feel free to try dancing in your living room while shouting at your TV, but it’s just not the same unless you have a WAY bigger living room than we do, with people in the other room making you dinner and mixing you drinks.

See you Oct. 10!

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